Indian Silver precious metals

Indian silver and various precious metals that can be used in making jewelleryantique item

There are many types of metals that are combined with or are used as an accent with many types of beads that are frequently used in Jewellery making. There is Platinum, Sterling Silver, Silver Plated, Argentina Sterling Silver, Aluminium, Steel, Niobium, Nickel Plated, Yellow Gold, White Gold, 14ct Gold, Gold Plated, Gold Filled, Vermeil, Brass, and Copper. There are many Jewelries in the market, but the silver jewellery is the most famous, as they are available in the wide variety and Indian Silver Jewellery are the lowest range silver jewellery available in the world.

The following are various precious metals that can be used in making jewellery:


Gold is usually preferred by many people who love to wear Jewellery due to their shine and value. This is truly a valuable possession especially if you choose gold with the higher karat. Gold jewellery are the most popular and they are preferred by many people due to their rarity and lustre. Pure gold is naturally too soft to be used in making jewellery and due to this it’s usually mixed with alloy metals such as copper and zinc.


Silver metal has been used for years, and it’s the only jewellery metal permitted to be worn by men of the Islamic faith. The metal is preferred by many people because it’s affordable, more adaptable to casual and formal wear, flatters all skin types, and outshines gold. Just like gold, silver is very soft; therefore, it’s easily damaged when it’s not mixed with other metals.

3-Stainless Steel:

Steel has recently gained popularity as a jewellery making metal. Jewellery artists have lately begun using it because its resistance to its attractive gray colour, strength, and low cost, has made stainless steel a good alternative metal for making jewellery.


Titanium is probably the strongest available. It is an industrial metal that has been recently introducing into the jewellery industry. Titanium has an attractive gray metal hence an attractive jewellery. It is corrosion, tarnish and discoloration resistant. Titanium can be fabricated into different designs and has become a great alternative for wedding and engagement rings.


Also, known as Wolfram it is formed from super and is as strong as steel and about twice the weight, making this metal almost wear proof and a perfect alternative for jewellery making.


Palladium is a white jewellery making material used in electronics, jewellery, and certain other industries? Palladium is considered to be a precious metal. With its bright colour and durable nature is the perfect metal to use for wedding jewellery which is expected to keep its appearance for decades.


This is an alloy that combines copper, Zinc, and Nickel, and contains no pure silver.